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About Our Company

Full-service medical stop loss insurance underwriter

Excess Loss Insurance Specialists Since 1983

Founded in 1983 as Intermediary Insurance Services, Inc. and acquired by COMPANION LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY in 2009, iiSi has become one of the preeminent underwriters of medical stop loss insurance in the country. iiSi functions as a division of Companion Life and utilizes Companion Life and its affiliate carriers Niagara Life and Health Insurance Company and Companion Life Insurance Company of California to offer stop loss insurance in all 50 states. Because of this relationship, we are able to offer the strong combination of stability as a direct writer, with the expertise and focus of a managing general underwriter.

Throughout our 40+ year history, we've consistently stayed a step-ahead of the marketplace evolution. You can trust that we will be a partner that stays nimble, providing effective, creative stop loss insurance solutions no matter what challenges the market presents.


Jon Anderson

Chief Executive Officer & President Read Bio About Jon Anderson

Kurt Ridder

Chief Revenue Officer Read Bio About Kurt Ridder

Paul Rovira

Chief Financial & IT Officer Read Bio About Paul Rovira

Joe Martin

Chief Operating Officer Read Bio About Joe Martin

Fatima Rodriguez

Vice President of Operations Read Bio About Fatima Rodriguez

Marla Thombleson

Vice President of Administration Read Bio About Marla Thombleson

Eric Wunderly

Vice President of Underwriting Read Bio About Eric Wunderly

Tony Matthews

Vice President of Underwriting - Spectrum Solutions Read Bio About Tony Matthews

Belinda Moss

Vice President of Medical Risk Management Read Bio About Belinda Moss

Laurie Mollé

Vice President of Claims Read Bio About Laurie Mollé

Mike Finn

Sales Director Read Bio About Mike Finn

Daniel Richards

Controller Read Bio About Daniel Richards

Our Marketing Regions

Guaranteed Service Wherever You Are

iiSi's headquarters are in San Francisco, California, with additional operations in Indianapolis, Indiana and regional marketing offices located in Oregon, Texas, and Massachusetts. Our national footprint allows us to understand regional nuances and tailor risk management solutions for employer groups no matter where they're based.


Amy Barnwell Regional Marketing Director (503) 260-7132


Mike Holland Regional Marketing Director (413) 387-8921


Ryan Austin Regional Marketing Director (214) 985-6043


Angie Branstetter

Senior Underwriter

Chris Joy

Senior Underwriter

Katie Romens

Senior Underwriter

Katie Steinke

Senior Underwriter

Lesley Ferguson

Senior Underwriter

Marge Floria

Senior Underwriter

Melani Snead

Senior Underwriter

Olga Andreadis

Senior Underwriter

Reuben Berry, Jr.

Senior Underwriter

Silvana Herbert

Senior Underwriter

Tom Miller

Senior Underwriter

Tyler Griffin

Senior Underwriter

Zineb Hussien

Senior Underwriter

Aaron Majchen


Kori Kirby


Kyle Lincicome


Tracy Borden


Issuing Carriers

For more than 50 years, Companion Life has specialized in providing group and voluntary insurance products as “companions” to medical coverage. Specializing in employee benefits and offering exceptional customer service, Companion Life is a company built upon a solid foundation of strength and stability, and is proud to have been awarded an AM Best Company A+ rating each year since 2002.

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A wholly-owned subsidiary of Companion Life Insurance Company, incorporated in 1980, Companion Life Insurance Company of California shares an AM Best Company A+ rating with its parent company.

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Niagara Life and Health Insurance Company was incorporated in 2000 and is licensed in New York and Connecticut. The company represents Companion Life Insurance Company as a proud subsidiary, and also shares Companion Life's AM Best A+ rating.

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