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Traditional Stop Loss Insurance

Specific and aggregate stop loss insurance solutions

Stop loss insurance offers flexible coverage for self-insured employers that want to assume a portion of the health care expense incurred by its employees and their dependents.

iiSi provides product options for both specific and aggregate stop loss insurance. Specific stop loss insurance provides protection for the employer against catastrophic losses on any one covered individual, and aggregate stop loss insurance protects the employer from higher-than-expected losses on the group as a whole. For over forty years, iiSi has specialized in providing comprehensive risk management strategies through expert underwriting and consultation. Connect with us today to learn more about partnering with iiSi for a tailored stop loss insurance solution.

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Traditional Stop Loss Insurance Products

PPO Business

Our expertise in underwriting allows us to accurately evaluate networks of all sizes, from regional networks, to national Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), and everything in between. iiSi team members are fully equipped to evaluate any network arrangement and curate a creative, adaptable stop loss insurance solution suited to your needs.

Reference Based Pricing (RBP)

iiSi specializes in RBP and similar non-traditional cost containment approaches. Our experience working with many of the national vendors provides us with the expertise to evaluate Reference Based Pricing cases using our proprietary methodology. This also allows us to accurately leverage the claim cost benefit realized by any RBP structure.

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