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Managed Transplant Program

Underwritten by United HealthCare Insurance Company

Through the Managed Transplant Program, employers can stabilize their health care budget and provide their employees with access to extraordinary care.

This program option is available to both iiSi stop loss clients and non-iiSi stop loss clients with groups of 101+ employees and will be presented as an option with your iiSi stop loss proposal when requested.

Upon enrolling, members gain access to the OptumHealth Transplant Centers of Excellence Network - the premier transplant network in the country - with over 164 Centers of Excellence covering 880 COE programs. Plan highlights include:

  • Covers all transplants: solid organ, blood and marrow (cord blood, stem cells, bone marrow transplants)
  • Provides first-dollar coverage, meaning no deductible, coinsurance or copay
  • Unlimited lifetime benefit for transplant services
  • Preserves the lifetime maximum benefit of underlying major medical coverage based on plan design
  • Covers virtually all transplant-related costs, included immunosuppressant (anti-rejection) drugs
  • Covers transplant-related expenses from one day prior to the transplant through a maximum of 365 days following the transplant
  • Includes coverage of evaluation, search and registry, organ procurement, home health, outpatient treatment, and travel and lodging benefits

For additional questions or further benefit details, please contact your underwriter or Regional Marketing Director.

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