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Fantasy Football

iiSi 2023 Fantasy Football Contest

Team QB RB WR K Def
Mondays are for Bachelorette Hurts Barkley Diggs Tucker San Francisco
Lawrence Harris Brown
Fields Robinson St. Brown
Jake Fromm State Farm Mohomes McCaffrey Diggs Tucker Philadelphia
Lawrence Pollard Brown
Jones Robinson St. Brown
Liberty Bibberty and that damn emu Allen Chubb Diggs Butker Philadelphia
Lawrence Pollard Brown
Jones Etienne Andrews
English Bedwetting Types Mahomes McCaffrey Jefferson Tucker San Francisco
Cousins Pollard Wilson
Fields Robinson St.Brown
Fields of Dreams Allen Ekeler Jefferson Koo San Francisco
Lawrence Pollard Wilson
Fields Robinson St.Brown
The Shark Mahomes McCaffrey Jefferson Tucker San Francisco
Lawrence Pollard Lamb
Purdy Robinson Kirk
Blue Horse Shoes Mahomes Henry Hill Tucker San Francisco
Tagovailoa Mixon Waddle
Fields Cook Andrews
Can't Touch This Mahomes McCaffrey Diggs Bass New York Jets
Lawrence Jones Higgins
Purdy Etienne Hopkins
Sheaky Mahomes McCaffrey Jefferson Tucker San Francisco
Carr Pollard Brown
Fields Robinson Olave
The Boomerang's Mahomes Jacobs Jefferson Tucker San Francisco
Lawrence Jones Brown
Fields Sanders Andrews
Insurance Never Sleeps Allen Chubb Diggs McPherson Dallas
Lawrence Walker III Brown
Fields Robinson St.Brown
Dbrkm0721 Mahomes McCaffrey Kelce Tucker San Francisco
Watson Pollard Wilson
Goff Kenneth Gainwell St.Brown
$2 Million Laser Mahomes McCaffrey Kelce Tucker Philadelphia
Lawrence Harris Waddle
Jones Etienne Hopkins
EB For the Win Mahomes Chubb Kupp Carlson Green Bay
Jordan Love Jones Metcalf
Smith Williams Kirk
Stairway to Seven Part 8 Jackson Henry Jefferson Kris Boswell Pittsburgh
Lawrence Harris Brown
Kenny Pickett Robinson Andrews
Steely MbBeam Mahomes Henry Kelce Kris Boswell Pittsburgh
Carr Pollard Lamb
Kenny Pickett Jaylen Warren Pat Freiermuth
L&S MAGA 2024 Mahomes McCaffrey Jefferson Carlson Dallas
Cousins Jones Lamb
Purdy Gibbs St.Brown
Chappy's Team Mahomes Henry Jefferson Tucker Philadelphia
Lawrence Moxon Kyle Pitts
Purdy Cook Andrews
Player Name/Position Team Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
Josh Allen/QB BUF 6 18 12 39 23 12 20
Player Name/Position Team Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14
Josh Allen/QB BUF 23 14 14
Rank Week 1 Winner Points Week 2 Winner Points Week 3 Winner Points Week 4 Winner Points
Rank Week 5 Winner Points Week 6 Winner Points Week 7 Winner Points Week 8 Winner Points
Rank Week 9 Winner Points Week 10 Winner Points Week 11 Winner Points Week 12 Winner Points
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